We've listened carefully to a lot of business owners, executives, team leaders and team members. Far too often, we hear resignation.

We hear that, while things could be better, everything is fine.

We hear that nothing will really be able to make a real impact fast and easy enough anyway.

It's not true. There is a better way. We've proven it time and again.

Seem familiar?

  • different perspectives of what success means

  • ineffective meetings

  • missed opportunities, expectations and deadlines

  • perceived or real duplication of effort and rework

  • fuzzy accountability

  • counter-productive conflict

  • avoided conflict

The benefits of better practice™

  • quickly get new (and current?) people on the team

  • establish a shared understanding of what success looks like

  • find a common language to identify and discuss what matters most

  • have a way to make better decisions faster

  • act on decisions with more confidence and accountability

  • stop chasing the latest fad and put common sense to work

Why it matters

Pretty much anything worth doing these days requires people working together.

Today's teams are often expected to do more with less and often under less than ideal circumstances.

Many teams are made up of people from different parts of the organization. They are each used to thinking about different things. Sometimes it seems they speak different languages. Some project-type teams may only exist for a short period of time, with their members joining in different combinations and configurations for the next project.

More and more teams are made up of people working in different organizations, time-zones, and countries, speaking different languages with different accents and coming from different cultures. This is the new normal.


Our mission

Radically reduce one of the most pervasive, costly, trouble-making and hidden-in-plain-sight problems in human organizations.

Teams of all kinds unnecessarily and often unknowingly destroy value. They waste time, effort and goodwill. Too many teams are squandering opportunities for success. Too many teams don’t have a shared sense of what matters. In short, building and leading successful teams is a challenge. This is even more true of distributed, multidisciplinary and multicultural teams.

We help teams create shared value through a unified management framework and performance model that makes building and sustaining performance faster and easier.

Identify what matters, make better decisions faster and act on those decisions with agility and confidence... together.

tools & methods

Better Practice™ is a unified leadership and collaboration framework developed to build reliable collaboration and team performance. Our way of working helps you and those you work with identify the things that matter together and manage them with grace and agility.

Ideal for distributed, multi-organizational and cross-functional teams, Better Practice™ is compatible with PMBOK®, Six Sigma, Lean, CMM, The Birkman Method®, DiSC®, MBTI®, ADKAR and other respected management models and standards.

training & Coaching

Many consultancies sustain themselves by building dependence on their services. We look at this very differently. Everything we do, we teach you and your teams. This creates a very different kind of relationship and one we think is better.

Whether it is Better Practice™ Certification training, Birkman Assessments and feedback sessions, Process Design and Improvement or Team Membership and Leadership, we will teach you what we know.


advice & services

  • Organization Design

  • Process Design

  • Process Improvement

  • Change Management and Adoption

  • Talent Management

  • Project Management

  • Program Management

We offer these services in a trusted advisor capacity, or as embedded resources on your teams.

Many experienced teams don't need full time Project or Program Managers. Better Practice™ enables us to provide time-shared project and program management services that offer the discipline and structure with minimal overhead.