Building Capability

“I am very impressed with the value and quality of work our teams have accomplished together in this initial phase of organization design, especially given the time constraints that were placed on themI was also very impressed with the transparency of the process and inclusion of our employee group in that process.  Karrikins has not only accomplished the goals of the project, but helped us build capability that will serve us well into the future on process development and benchmarking.”

Mark Schwirtz, CEO, Golden Spread Energy Cooperative

Leading from the Middle

Leading from the Middle

"Leading from the Middle was a super impactful experience. Better Practice provides an innovative, fun and powerful platform for meta-collaboration and self-leadership. Working effectively within and across disciplines regardless of role is critical for solving the world’s big problems and getting things done! Better Practice enabled our trainees to quickly improve their own self-leadership."

Tami Hutto, Program Manager, Atlanta BEST Program of Emory University and the Georgia institute of Technology

Concerns with values

"I think Better Practice, which beautifully incorporates use of The Birkman Method, is a very effective approach for reaching college students - in its elegance, simplicity and creative thinking and especially its concerns with values - a conversation of importance for this population."

Caryl Carothers, President, Carothers Consulting

A breath of fresh air

"We have gained better insight into our data and are able to make better business decisions. They seem like members of my team but I don’t have to manage them! In fact, they have helped us prioritize and maintain progress on the things that matter most while always being gracious and respectful."

Director of Customer Operations, Chat Mobility