Make it matter

Better Practice empowers you and your teams to quickly align their combined common sense, experience and expertise and apply it directly to your desired outcomes.

make it a thing

The foundation of all Better Practice programs is the Accelerator Workshop. Each workshop consists of individual preparation followed by three group sessions. Scheduling is adjusted to your needs and requirements.

make it real

The Accelerator Workshop introduces all aspects of Better Practice and applies it to what matters most for the success of individuals, and the complex teams and organizations that exist in the 21st century workplace.

accelerator Workshop



Each participant completes their own personal online Birkman Method™ Questionnaire.
(30-60 min)

Participants receive 1:1 readout with a Certified Birkman Method™ Consultant via telephone or video conference prior to attending the workshop.
(30-60 min)



Introduce facilitator and participants.

Facilitate a Group Birkman Method™ readout and debrief.

Introduce the Better Practice Metacollaboration Model and tools:

  • Attitudes and Working Agreements

  • Concepts

  • Behaviors

  • Architecture


Identify what matters

Reflect on the previous session and discuss any observations, new awareness or questions from the participants or facilitator(s).

Build and practice a language for identifying, considering and making decisions about "the things that matter" together.

meaningful Application

Apply Better Practice to the current realities and priorities of the participants.

Create plans that will support sustainable continuous improvement.

Ask for comittment.


ADD coaching or facilitation for improved adoption and application

Our optional Engage, Empower and Empower+ programs catalyze adoption, drive application and improve leverage of Better Practice for participants through coaching and support.

Engage bundles the Accelerator Workshop with 3 months of coaching and on-call support with a certified Better Practice consultant for you and your team.

Empower bundles the Accelerator Workshop with a full 12 months of coaching and on-call support. With this option, support is extended to drive adoption and empower participants to improve their own application of Better Practice.

Empower+ bundles the Accelerator Workshop with 24 months of coaching and on-call support with a certified Better Practice coach.

The coaching included with Engage, Empower, and Empower+ most often involves bi-weekly or monthly touch-points by video conference. In these group sessions, participants engage in the practice of efficiently and effectively identifying what’s working, what’s not, and why it matters. With the support of a coach, participants clarify and commit to next steps, increasing the “stickiness” and building sustainable habits. The amount of coaching is adjusted to suit the needs of the participants.

With Engage, Empower and Empower+ options, on-call support is offered to participants who may have individual questions in between scheduled touch-points. This level of support encourages participants to ask questions and find individualized ways to adopt Better Practice.

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