Below is a practitioner's guide to the Better Practice Meta Team Concepts and Guiding Principles. Comments aimed at improving this content are welcome.



guiding principles




High performing teams generate lots of ideas, and we want lots of them. If you have command and control set up so that it works and you’ve identified the stuff that matters in a single source of truth.


The Individual

The individual on a team matters. If everyone on your team sees things from the exact same perspective you’re going to accomplish nothing. Everyone has their own personality and identifying it helps everyone understand each other.



Collaboration is how better decisions get made. Meta-collaboration applies collaborative design thinking to deciding on and improving how you work together.

When groups are deliberate about applying multiple perspectives and addressing mutual needs they get better at getting better.

How are we working together and what are the outcomes? What's working? What's not? So what? What now?



Competence (Kompetenz in German) matters. This is the demonstrated ability to apply knowledge skills and abilities. Possessing them, alone, is not enough.

Competence can be built through education, training, practice and real-life experience. Novices can become beginners. Beginners can become competent practitioners, who can then become advanced.

Experts are able to teach others. Thought leaders are redefining and expanding their respective areas of competence.


stuff that matters

Desired outcomes, roles, accountabilities, actions, scheduled actions, artifacts, issues, risks and opportunities all matter. These are all things that good project managers manage lists of and collaborative efforts rely on them being managed effectively, but what do those words actually mean?

Make the effort to understand what each of those lists contain and how they relate to the collaborative effort. What will make us successful and happy? Who is playing what parts? What are they answerable for?

What are we actually doing, and when? Is there something tangible that comes out of our effort?

What is slowing us down or stopping our progress? What might slow us down or stop our progress? What might speed us up?

This is all stuff that matters.


Command & Control

This is how you work with the stuff that matters. This is the machinery. It’s charts, processes, tools; stuff that lets you do things with the things that matter. It’s command and control of doing things with the stuff that matters. Command and control connected through communication and/or culture.