Below is a practitioner's guide to the Better Practice Meta Team Concepts and Guiding Principles. Comments aimed at improving this content are welcome.



guiding principles




These are the creative sparks that drive innovation. This aspect of the Leadership Framework is about fostering “white space” and an environment that encourages and leverages reframing and possibility thinking.


The Individual

These are the preferences and unique mindset that each person independently brings to the enterprise.

Everyone has their own personality. Bringing objectivity to it helps everyone understand each other.



These are the effective collaborative and meta-collaborative behaviors that have individuals showing up as their best self in support of the enterprise. This includes both leadership and self-leadership. This is not about command and control.

When groups are deliberate about applying multiple perspectives and addressing mutual needs they get better at getting better.

What's working? What's not? So what? What now?



These are the applied sets of knowledge, skills and abilities needed to succeed. This is not about the potential or qualities of any given individual. It is about demonstrated application of knowledge, skills and abilities.

Competence can be built through education, training, practice and real-life experience. Novices can become beginners. Beginners can become functional. Experts and Thought Leaders have mastery.

Experts are able to teach others. Thought leaders are redefining and expanding their respective areas of competence.



These are the basic elements of “work" and why it matters. Desired outcomes, roles, accountabilities, activities, and artifacts, as well as conditions that can hinder or accelerate progress. A shared sense of what these things mean and language for discussing them accelerates performance improvement.


Command & Control

These are the processes, structures, tools, systems and norms that allow the enterprise to successfully set direction, assess progress and course correct. Whether formal or informal, this is HOW the enterprise figures out what matters, makes decisions and ensures accountability.